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March 4, 2020

Up to now, no one in the spice and agricultural product business world over the world did not know Vietnamese pepper. Vietnam Pepper is known as the world's No. 1 producer and exporter. Vietnamese pepper is known as a prestigious and high-quality commodity. Moreover, Vietnam pepper is also a potential and promising market.

Born in the seventeenth century as a perennial industrial crop of Vietnamese agriculture, Vietnamese pepper has grown into a giant not only of Vietnamese agriculture but of the whole world.

This spectacular development started from the years 1983 - 1990 when the price of pepper on the world market increased. Vietnam's cultivated area has continuously increased and reached nearly 9,200 ha from 400 ha in the 1970s. With an average growth rate of 27.29% per year since 1996, Vietnam's cultivated area has grown. exceeded 52,000 hectares in 2004, and reached 152,000 ha by 2020.

                                  Peper Garden Farm, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

In parallel with the rapid development of the area, Vietnam's output and exports have also increased equally at a rate of 30% per year since 1998 up to now. In 2001, Vietnam became the world's largest exporter with a total export volume of 56,506 tons, accounting for 28% of the world's total exports. Also from here, Vietnam is continuously the leading country in terms of production and export with an average output and exports estimated at 95,000 tons per year. Vietnamese pepper is currently exported to nearly 80 countries and territories. Especially, the export of high quality products to the US, Japan and EU countries is increasing.

The reason that Vietnamese pepper can develop so brilliantly is that Vietnam converges all favorable conditions in nature, people, and application of science and technology in production and processing.

The nature is endowed with fertile basalt, subtropical climate, high humidity, and high rainfall. Vietnamese farmers are industrious, hard-working, eager to learn. The Vietnamese government and scientists are ready to assist in farming investment and science and technology application. Processors and exporters always actively expand markets, invest in modern processing factories and diversify products. There is also the Vietnam Pepper Association, a non-profit unit that always operates actively and effectively for the benefit and development of the Vietnamese pepper industry.

Source: Vietnamese - Vinh Hiep Co.,ltd

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