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After weeks of hard-working, all professionals and specialists from Vinapro JSC would like to provide you our dear clients much useful information follow. October is not a good month for Vietnamese people in general, Because of the influencing by the presence of La Niña, there were 2 huge typhoons attacked the central region of Vietnam, brought a giant amount of rain down to many provinces in this area and causing many floods and landslides in the area, it has destroyed many areas or even destroyed completely thousands of houses and gardens cultivated crops of the people. Especially Quang Tri province where quite a famous province for pepper produce 2,500 - 4,000 tons/year. Many areas in the central highlands where the focus of pepper cultivation has been hit hard by typhoons. Therefore, the possibility of disease and pest attack on the pepper vine is foreseen while pepper plantation is very sensitive to weather conditions. If the weather continues to change suddenly, it will almost seriously affect the yield of the 2021 crop.

Main area produce pepper in Vietnam            

                                Huge Typhoone number 9 hit to Central of Vietnam

China, the US and India remain the top three pepper importing regions in the world. Vietnam exported an impressive volume in October last year with its October output surpassing 17,000 tons, which is an extremely impressive figure compared to the average export volume in the first 10 months of 2020.

                                                     Pepper prices are measured at three times per month

Compared to the same period in 2019, 2020 pepper prices had a huge fluctuation, we saw a crazy price increase in June 2020 caused by inaccurate information from traders, but In the face of strong climate change, 2021 output is expected to plummet so pepper prices start to rise again, many forecasts have said that raw material prices could reach $ 2.57 / Kg into shortly, and it will be time for importers to buy in for stockpiling plans for the end of 2020 and early 2021.

   Raw pepper prices in October had a change with a sharp increase in the last days of October

In the other hand, Many importers still think that pepper prices will go down and they will wait for it, which will affect business results shortly but Like Vietnam, pepper growers all over the world are currently suffering the consequences of deteriorating weather conditions. However, the importance of spices to health has been increasingly raised in the context of a global pandemic, helping to restore demand for these items in recent times. We Vinapro Group believes that customers have been prepared and through this information will be of great help to customers. To help and best serve its importers, Vinapro Group offers great deals and promotions, so importers or contact us to know more about this. and receive those incentives.
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