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(16/2/1029) While thousands of farmers cultivate pepper 
"distorted face" because the price of pepper has been
dragged down for many years,in Thuan Ha commune,
Dak Song district (Dak Nong), many pepper farmers
still have the same foot.What is their secret ?


At the present time, pepper prices are only under VND50,000 / kg but Mr. Nong Van Le in Thuan Ha commune,
Dak nong district still sells pepper for more than VND80,000 / kg. Mr. Le said, in Thuan Ha, not only him but
also dozens of other farmers sold pepper at such a stable price.
This farmer said that in the precarious situation of agricultural prices, in 2012, he decided to investin planting
6 hectares of pepper according to the process of producing clean agricultural products.Instead of using chemical
fertilizers and pesticides, he used organic fertilizers and biological products to fertilize pepper.
Thanks to the production of this process, for many years, the products of Mr. Le's family have been completely
 consumed by a pepper exporting enterprise to the European market.
Therefore, although the price of pepper on the market fell dramatically, Mr. Le's pepper price remained stable,
about 2.5 times higher than the market.
Not only Mr. Le's family but in Thuan Ha, there are about 30 other families also planting pepper according to the
clean agricultural production process. All products made by these farmers are consumed at a higher price from
2.5 to 3 times the market price.
Mr. Tran Van Toan, one of these farmers, said: “When I first started, I found it difficult to do many rigorous 
steps to achieve the criteria for clean agricultural products. However, in return the products sold are always higher
According to Mr. Le, in order to have clean standard pepper, the family does not use herbicides but only do it manually; 
increase the use of microbial fertilizers and barns to replace chemical fertilizers. In addition, I also replace plant
protection products with probiotics to ensure the health of plants and soil.
In addition, the harvesting and preservation ... must also follow the process. Accordingly, the harvest only starts when
the pepper has been ripe from 95%, the harvest process does not mix impurities such as leaves, branches ... After the
harvest is finished, the pepper must be dried and dried in the environment clean hygiene.


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