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 Coffee farmers are busy harvesting. Coffee prices on the floor of the domestic terminal and pull down and pull up suddenly. Now worries for farmers as product quality, price tension, worry, but just as "Priority 2" for the care and harvesting rain and sun are indeed key issues for products they present.
Busy harvesting
In many parts of the Central Highlands, coffee round harvest. Testament to this collection is estimated at 35-45%. Dry weather is a big advantage for this round coffee quality. In particular, the quality of water in the cup cupping hope to meet the requirements. This is the biggest wish of both the seller and the buyer in each harvest, the most attention of the roasting company in the world in the delivery of coffee.
However, many farmers reported that production this year will drop, small particle size so far. For rated output, particle size is one important measure of the crop; larger particles, thus greater output.
The new crop is estimated at about 1.5 million tonnes, compared to 2011-12 about 1.65 million tons. It's the comments on the sidelines of many recent seminar coffee. This number is many field surveys made and many people agree with this estimate.
Thus, the crop harvest occurs rather earlier than usual, probably due to an unseasonal rains last year size coffee early flowering. But, fair to say that the amount of turnover in the market far less. The majority of the coffee fruit is picked are still in the bag or just sun-room.
For farmers, it is not the time to look at the market because they are too busy with the harvest, wrestling with weather and crop quality. However, the fluctuating price also easy to flinch the psychology of not less foresight.
Price in the tension
But not many fluctuations, the price of coffee pulling stress just as the race for the U.S. presidency occurred on the first 6-11 weeks. Many commodity exchanges are using the U.S. dollar as the currency of payment should very much, so that voters are satisfied, the price of goods as coffee must "know how to behave" gently before election day.
Such cases this year right. Right after the U.S. presidential election results, the price of coffee on the exchanges has increased "good" the next day. If last week, the price of robusta core of the NYSE Liffe Exchange 1976 dollars / ton, up to date 6-11, the day of the election, only 1919 dollars / ton basis of the month 1-2013, is assigned The current main service.
Floor futures rose immediately after the election results. Up to late yesterday 9-11 that morning today Saturday 10-11, closing May robusta 1-2013 exchanges London up properly back 1,976 dollars / ton, recover from the $ 1919 and the price closed last week (see Figure 1 above). These levels, less than $ 2,000 / ton, for the low and exporters selling our country can not be strong hand for fear of risks vacuum.
Bucket of coffee prices in the Central Highlands also down to 38,000 VND / kg in the first few days of the week, losing 1,000 compared to last week but then broke up the old 39,000 VND / kg last week this morning 10 - 11. So, after pulling down, domestic prices have returned to the old level of last week.
Of export grade 2, 5 percent black and broken based on the difference is around minus 30 to 50 dollars / ton. Thus, the export price has increased from a few weeks ago about $ 20-30 / t.
War arabica / robusta are tough? 
Brazil is the season. Brazil is a major exporter of arabica, robusta is usually left in the water for domestic consumption and processing coffee. Coffee production in our country can take, but the number is still pretty big mechanical to say about 1.5 million tons.
In addition to Brazil, Colombia, Honduras and exporter of arabica output is increasing thanks to the price in the last few season. Arabica prices have now reached around 7000 dollars / ton on the New York futures Ice.
Brazil is taking advantage of sales. Vietnam is in the fall. Roasters are needed for winter production. Only Arabica coffee futures floor Ice confirmed on 9-11 has increased to 2.45 million bags.
If you want to know the competitiveness of the two types of coffee, just to see the price gap between the two markets. If exactly 14 months ago, the price gap between arabica and robusta about $ 4150 ton, dated 9-11-2012, the gap is only about less than $ 1340 / ton, equivalent to 60.67 cts / lb (see figure 2).
At these levels, the risk of losing competitiveness of robusta is growing. In this bracket gap, roasters can choose to buy because the price of arabica coffee is pretty cheap compared to robusta. This is also an opportunity for roasting companies improve product quality flavors in your cup of coffee.
Arabica coffee is a decided taste cup of coffee, while Robusta used to mix and instant coffee, a drink industry average price.

According to Nguyen Quang Binh - 11/12/2012


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