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The launching ceremony of the new product "Richer Milk" From VINAPRO Group With 100% Qualitative Cashew Nuts Origin From Viet Nam

On September 9, 2022, Vinapro Group hold the event "Launching the cashew milk product Richer Milk Vietnam". This is the first line of cashew nuts milk in Vietnam with ingredients selected 100% from high-class Vietnamese cashews.



 Currently, Nut milk is a product with a fast growth rate in the world market. The global market of this category is estimated to grow to $34 billion by 2024, more than twice as much as $16.3 billion in 2018.

In Vietnam, the trend of using nut milk has a strong growth rate. According to survey results in 2019, up to 66% of Vietnamese consumers want more products made from natural ingredients, 79% of survey respondents want to use nut milk to prevent problems. health-related topics.

Quickly grasping the development trend of the market, Vinapro Group - a corporation with more than 10 years of experience in the field of exporting Vietnamese agricultural products, has constantly invested in researching with desire to bring a source of nutritious and healthy milk for everyone. The most modern technology is to serve the investment and production of premium nut milk products with 100% origin from Vietnam, thereby meeting the demand for domestic nut milk of domestic consumers.

During the launching ceremony of Richer Milk - Vietnam's first cashew nuts milk brand, in addition to product experience activities and the opportunity to receive attractive gifts, attendees will have a deep understanding a vivid picture of the whole cashew industry in Vietnam, along with the vision and mission of Vinapro's leadership for the Richer Milk cashew nuts milk project.

Highlights of the series of Richer Milk's events include:

~ Guests check in at the event and participate in the product experience.

~ Attend Talk Show with main contents such as:

             - Overview of Vietnam's cashew industry and development trends.

             - The process of researching and developing cashew milk products Richer Milk.

             - Sharing from experts: Knowledge of nutritional nut milk.

~ Guests participate in the program "Sweepstakes" with countless valuable gifts

For this event, Vinapro Group wishes to introduce to the market a unique highlight on the map of Vietnam's nut milk: Richer Milk, along with spreading the message "Bringing the best Vietnamese Agricultural products for the health of Vietnamese, especially women".


For more information, please visit Fanpage: Richer Milk - Sữa hạt điều Việt Nam 


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