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|April, 8th , 2024                              


Vietnam is currently one of the strongest spice exporting countries, ranking second in the world in exporting star anise.                                                   pngtreecinnamonstickswithpowderpowdereddriedcinamonphotoimage416901561

In January 2024, anise exports reached 879 tons with a value of more than 4.5 million USD, down 18.8% compared to the previous month but increased sharply by 32% compared to January 2023.

Items and products from cinnamon and medicinal plants are increasingly receiving attention, expanding export markets due to changes in awareness, opinions, and tastes of consumers with a clean, green lifestyle; Also thanks to the strong development of the pharmaceutical industry, functional foods,... as well as the widespread popularity of culinary culture using natural flavors and traditional ingredients.

Currently, Vietnamese cinnamon and anise are strongly consumed in many regions of South Asia (such as India, Bangladesh), the Middle East (UAE, Pakistan), East Asia (Japan, Taiwan - China, Korea), America and European countries. Union - EU. Of these, India and China are the two main export markets for Vietnam's anise, accounting for market shares of about 50% and 25%, respectively.


India is the world's leading consumer of cinnamon and anise products and is also a major producer of medicinal herbs. Currently, Vietnam is dominating the Indian market with more than 80% of imported cinnamon and anise. Vietnam is the largest supplier of cinnamon products to this market. In the fiscal year 2022 - 2023 alone, Vietnam exported 32,650 tons of cinnamon, accounting for 85% of India's cinnamon imports. Vietnamese cinnamon is popular in India due to its good essential oil content and unique flavor. On the other hand, the advantage to exporting this product to India is thanks to preferential tariffs from the ASEAN - India FTA Agreement. In particular, with a large population, India has a huge market demand for cinnamon, anise and medicinal herbs.

In the US, where there is a large population, ethnic diversity and demand for specialty products with health value, cinnamon and anise are potential export products of Vietnam in the market. Another potential cinnamon and anise import market is Pakistan, where there is high demand for cinnamon and anise medicinal herbs.

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