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|April,  29th , 2024                              
Cashew nuts are one of the nutritious nuts that are so famous and familiar to many families. What brings many beneficial uses to humans is that the amount of nutrients in cashews is many times greater than in other types of nuts. Not only finished cashew nuts but also other details of the cashew tree are widely used in today's life. Let's take a look at the wonderful effects of this plant!

Cashews are eaten raw, they are often heat treated, roasted, salted in spread form and added to main meals such as salads. The type of finished product you often see will be salted roasted cashews.


In Western countries, they eat cashews as a snack. Furthermore, they rate this dish quite highly because it has a rich flavor like butter - the main food of Western people.

Cashews are commonly used in South Asian and Southeast Asian cuisine. This is a typical, indispensable ingredient of many chicken and vegetarian dishes of south India.
You may not know, cashews can also be processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter, very similar to peanut butter.
Cashew apples - cashew stalks, can be eaten fresh or cooked with curries. It can also be fermented into vinegar, as an alcoholic beverage. In addition, this ingredient is also used to make preserves, chutneys and jams in some countries, such as India and Brazil.
Cashew oil has a dark yellow color and is used for cooking or making salad dressings. It is made from pressed or ground cashews. Usually broken pieces of cashews are created during processing.


What is found in industrial products, surprisingly it can be used as brake linings and paints.
In ancient Mayan medicine that has been passed down to this day, the leaves or bark of the cashew tree can be brewed into a tea that is quite effective in treating diarrhea.
Cashews are an important source of dietary iron, which helps carry oxygen throughout the body and supports the functioning of enzymes and the immune system.
Cashew nuts can cure many diseases. This food is good for children's brain development. During puberty, cashew nuts help support children's development in all aspects. For adults and the elderly, this nut supports heart diseases and strengthens bones.


It can be said that the applications of cashew nuts and parts of the cashew tree are truly unexpected. It provides nutrition and ingredients and is used for many different purposes. After all, all intents and purposes speak to the greatness of the familiar plant.
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