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February 8,2021
Surely you have eaten Vietnamese pho or Chinese dishes. There is always a pleasant sweetness in these dishes, the flavor that comes mostly from Star anise.



Star Anise is the seed of the Illicium verum tree.
Lllicium verum has Vietnamese names: Dai Hoi, Dai An Huong, Bat Giac Hoi, star anise or Tai Vi.
Lllicium verum is a famous year-round green spice plant with a very special aroma, it is native to China and northeastern Vietnam.
The star-shaped fruits of star anise are harvested before ripening. Star anise is shaped like a star (hence it is called Star Anise), with six to eight large wings, each containing a seed. Both the nut and skin contain a sweet, star anise flavor. Before it is used as a spice, it is dried to catch the eye and then used.
Star anise is widely used in Chinese, Southeast Asian and Indonesian cuisine. Star anise is an ingredient of five traditional flavors in Chinese cooking. It is also an ingredient used in cooking Vietnamese broth soup.

The effect of star anise

In traditional medicine in our country as well as in China, Japan, India … star anise is used as a medicine to induce bowel movements, stimulate digestion, treat abdominal pain, relieve pain, reduce contraction in the stomach, in the gut, gums, treat vomiting, pain, rheumatism, back pain, poisoning of meat and fish and treat bites of venomous snakes, stimulate the taste, regulate blood flow, combat muscle fatigue and especially cure the flu very well.
Western medicine considered star anise essential oil to stimulate, enhance intestinal motility, used to treat abdominal pain, increase respiratory secretions, help digestion, relieve pain, reduce sputum. Star anise essential oil has antibacterial effect, inhibits the growth of tuberculosis bacteria and many other bacteria, so it is used as an antiseptic, topical fungus and scabies.

What does star anise taste like?

Star anise tastes like licorice but it is spicier and smaller than anise, which is an important ingredient to make five-spice powder. Star anise is also an indispensable spice in the pot of pho broth, potential dishes, security, stew, curry … just to increase the nutritional value, just to create more aroma for the dish.
Still, the familiar menu made from duck’s feet, cow’s tail, but when there are more warm star anise and graceful decorative petals, the dish becomes more charming and fragrant. Besides, the appetizer cakes or sweet desserts with passionate taste also contribute to making the meal more sparkling in the true sense.

                                          Picture: Star Anise are found in Pho Viet Nam
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