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January 26, 2022
Coffee is one of many, many consumables that have contradicting health reports surrounding it. Over the years, however, the consensus is that a cup or two of coffee is beneficial to your health. In short, it's yet another case of "everything is okay in moderation." Did you know that coffee offers some unique health-boosting properties? Of course
, we absolutely love the taste of Vietnamese coffee, but we also wanted to offer our customers a healthy way to take on their day! Let's talk about just four of the many ways coffee can improve your health!


Coffee Is an Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Is Vietnamese coffee good for you? Yes! One of the many reasons why is the antioxidant value per cup or can! Coffee beans carry more antioxidants than any other staple in a typical diet. While "superfoods" like kale, dark chocolate, and acai berries are highly regarded, coffee is overlooked. You'll find even more antioxidants In Vietnamese coffee beans where we combine our single-origin beans with organic matcha to provide that extra healthy boost from green tea. We aim to put Vietnamese coffee in the hands of anyone looking to improve their health while enjoying a delicious can of our ready-to-drink coffee.

Up to Four Cups of Coffee Per Day May Prevent Heart Disease

There have been numerous studies over the last several decades dedicated to learning more about how coffee consumption affects cardiovascular health. The results have been a bit conflicting, to say the least. As the studies get more complex and controlled, however, scientists are concluding that coffee in moderation can help to prevent heart disease! Due to the many other factors involved in these studies including the lifestyle of subjects, sex, weight, height, activity level, etc., cause and effect conclusions cannot be explicitly drawn. More and more studies are showing that those who consume coffee in moderation tend to have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. It's unclear what exactly in coffee leads to a healthier heart, but it's believed to be a combination of caffeine, antioxidants, and the anti-inflammatory power of the drink. Vietnamese coffee is stronger than regular coffee, so one can of our coffee has the same caffeine levels as about three cups of other varieties of coffee. You can enjoy the heart-healthy benefits of Vietnamese coffee by only drinking one of our Vietnamese coffees per day. This is perfect for anyone who loves a scrumptious, quick pick-me-up any time of the day!

It May Aid in Weight Loss

You read that right! Coffee is linked to easier and faster weight loss. How can that be? It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. People drink coffee mainly for the energy boost provided by caffeine. What we often forget is that caffeine affects each one of our internal systems. You may feel jittery after consuming caffeine because you have more energy than you're currently using. Even minute movements require the body to do some work. Caffeine puts your cells through a rigorous workout, leading to more calories being burned per hour. When you are more active and burn more calories, you'll start to lose weight. Since our Vietnamese coffee has up to three times as much caffeine per can as traditional coffee, our products can show results even faster! Coffee can sometimes be considered an unhealthy drink when it has a lot to offer for health. 

Coffee Is Proven to Keep Your Liver Healthy

Caffeine is a health hero once again, this time for the liver! When the body breaks down caffeine, a chemical called paraxanthine is released. This slows the growth of scar tissue involved in fibrosis. A few conditions that are believed to be prevented by regular caffeine consumption include liver cancer, alcohol-related cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, and hepatitis C. Combine the caffeine content with the antioxidants in each of our cans of Vietnamese coffee and you're in for a healthy treat.

There are countless other examples of how Vietnamese coffee can improve your health and wellness. There are studies indicating that regular caffeine intake can improve brain function and health, that your body may process glucose more effectively, and that you may decrease the risk of a stroke. Because there are so many different chemicals in coffee, it will take many more studies to truly figure out how the body processes it. Until then, we can rest easy knowing that studies from some of the largest researchers in the country (The American Heart Association, Harvard, etc.) have reason to believe coffee is a friend, not a foe. 

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